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Seaweed farming is emerging as a growth sector within the Blue Economy.

It is carbon positive and is environmentally restorative. Farmed seaweed has incredible potential to meet the increasing demand for sustainable raw materials used in bio-packaging, nutraceuticals and nutrient rich healthy foods.

AquaMoor offers turnkey solutions for commercial seaweed cultivation.

Services include

  • site selection and surveying

  • development licensing and consenting

  • seaweed farm design and installation

  • contract seaweed farming operations


Our engineers have been involved in seaweed aquaculture since 2012 when they designed and installed the UK's first experimental seaweed farm near Oban, Scotland.


In 2018 the team designed and installed the UK's first commercial scale seaweed farm on the West coast of Scotland and in AquaMoor has subsequently been contracted to operate this seaweed farm for the client.

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