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The team at AquaMoor have over 100 years combined experience of designing, installing and maintaining mooring systems and aquaculture structures.


AquaMoor have been involved in seaweed aquaculture since 2012 when our engineers designed the UK's first experimental seaweed farm near Oban, Scotland.


In 2018 AquaMoor designed and installed the UK's first commercial scale seaweed farm in Scotland.

About Us


AquaMoor's sustainable mooring solutions reduce marine environmental impact.


The high-performance Alpha anchor provide increased security with a massive reduction in seabed footprint. Our long life mooring components reduce total cost of ownership.


AquaMoor's Alpha Anchors are fabricated with a round steel shaft and helical screw flights. Rotation of the anchor during installation screws it into the seabed with minimal ground disturbance. Its deep penetration creates long-lasting, super high-holding power required to secure valuable marine assets to the seabed.


Alpha Anchors can be installed with highly accurate positioning to 0.5m in water depths of up to 60m. The Alpha Anchor requires no chain in the mooring system so provides an environmentally sustainable mooring solution.

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