Mooring Design and Engineering Analysis

Your operation is only as reliable as your stationkeeping system for your infrastructure. We use our knowledge of the equipment available from a range of suppliers combined with the application of advanced engineering simulation tools to design and analyse each mooring system using transparent standards conforming to local legislation and regulatory requirements to produce the detailed component schedules required to meet those standards.

Our engineers can advise on, and organise a subsea survey of a chosen site to understand the bathymetry, the seabed character and profile.  Working with this information, our experts can advise on the best seabed attachment strategy with the options of:               

   High Performance Direct Embedment Anchors

   High Performance Drag Embedment Anchors
   Drilled Rock Anchors

Our approach builds this site and systems analysis on a core of local experience gained around the coasts of Scotland with decades of applied experience, industry knowledge and a collaborative approach identifying specific environmental conditions at your project site and their impact on the design and feasibility of your mooring systems.

Our team of aquaculture experts and marine engineers aim to deliver the best solution for your site and manage the environmental impact and area required on the seabed.