Our philosophy is to provide integrated engineered and assured systems to support the aquaculture and other marine based sectors.

Our experienced team will focus on understanding customer requirements and then use their knowledge, experience and skills to provide the systems to enable customers to carry out their work in the marine environment.

We design, build, implement and maintain aquaculture infrastructure enabling farmers to focus on their husbandry.

We start from the seabed with innovative attachment methods and anchoring, and work up through the mooring system to provide the floating infrastructure where customers can carry out their work.

We place a high value on innovation, where this serves its purpose and improves operational and cost efficiency of the unit. We aim to stay abreast of innovation across the globe which adds this value, and collaborate with technology developers to apply this to aquaculture operations. Where we see a solution that is not being addressed elsewhere we will develop innovative products or services ourselves, working collaboratively with our customers.

Backing this up with engineering analysis enables us to provide customers with additional assurance that our solutions are, and will remain, fit for purpose through their design life.

Founded on 21 years of experience in implementing mooring systems for the aquaculture industry in Scotland, and supported by experience from marine renewable energy with similar regulatory and station-keeping challenges in challenging wave and tidal environments, we offer a set of solutions to provide and support floating infrastructure to provide working platforms for aquaculture and other marine operations in Scotland, and other global markets where aquaculture is being developed.