Solution Development

Our philosophy is to incorporate the best solutions to provide well engineered sites that make aquaculture and other marine work safe, efficient and easier.

Founded from experience gained through many years of operating in Scottish fish farming and the engineered equipment supporting these marine operations, and introducing new approaches from the wave and tidal energy sector, we use our knowledge and experience of the global supply chain and emerging innovations to identify the best solutions available to improve operations on site, and work collaboratively with the supply chain to make these available widely.

We also seek to work collaboratively with customers to provide the best solutions to support their marine operations, whether these are located in Scotland or elsewhere round the globe.

Where we identify that an engineered solution would help to make operations safer, more efficient or easier, but we cannot identify an existing provider of that solution, we will carry out the research and development required to provide a solution that is fit for purpose.

We are therefore very open to innovation where that innovation serves a valuable purpose and making better solutions available to the aquaculture and other marine markets.

As part of developing the solutions, we also identify the risks and benefits of these solutions and provide assurance that the solutions supplied to market are suitable for the required design lives.